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Why are vampires and werewolves terrified of Adam Novus?

Adam was a black ops operator until he was betrayed by his superiors and left for dead in the trackless depths of the Amazon jungle. But he survived and found his way back to civilization… a decade later with a long, ten-year gap in his memory.

What he soon finds out is that during that time—he was changed into something not exactly human. By whom or for what purpose… he doesn't have a clue.

Now he’s trying to start over with a new, normal life, a new name, and some new friends. Friends, who aren’t exactly… normal?

His best friend is a centuries-old vampire who was on a first-name basis with Christopher Columbus, and his new secretary is a werecat with family issues. His doctor (who is trying to help Adam figure out what he is now) is an honest-to-God elf who, once upon a time, told Tolkien too many stories about his people. Oh, and there are werewolves... but they don’t like him, not even a little bit.

Like it or not, Adam is now a part of a hidden supernatural world he never knew existed, and that world plays by different rules.

Well, rules are there to be broken, and break them he will, if it will help him find out what the hell happened to him during the lost time, and why he needs to kill once a month—just to stay alive.

Notice: The version of the book on Patreon will need to go through one more round of editing before being published on Amazon, so expect some errors. Join the Beta team if you want to help in that endeavor. :)

Series: Adam Novus Chronicles / Tag: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Magic, Adventure, Vampires, Werewolves, Werecats, Elves, Demons, Supernaturals