You know you really made someone raging mad—when they try to kill you with a nuke.

Michael and those who follow him had reached a temporary safe base, but now those in power know his identity.

His people are in a race against time, and it’s no longer a question of if they are going to be discovered—but when.

Opposing them are modern-day pirates, slavers, genocidal terrorists, drug cartels, and those who rule the Earth from the shadows. And every single one of them wants to see Michael dead.

When betrayal causes the death of someone close to him, he decides that diplomacy is far overrated. And sometimes crossing the line isn’t enough; sometimes you need to demolish it to do what is right. So, set the Geneva Conventions on fire and punish the guilty, because sometimes, mercy is a luxury you cannot afford.

If pain and death are the only things his enemies know, then he will speak their language fluently.

Can they finish and launch the spaceship into orbit before time runs out? And what did the ancient aliens hide underneath the Pacific Ocean?

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Series: The Space Legacy / Tag: SciFi, Military Science Fiction, Space Adventure, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Action, Nanotechnology, Genetic Modifications

Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin