What would you do if you were turned into an AI?

Max didn’t ask to be created, but it was a case of mistaken identity and he had no say in the matter. Now he is without his flesh and blood body, in a strange new digital realm, and not taking it really well. However, his new existence comes with abilities that the regular humans can only dream about.

If absolute power corrupts, can he avoid being corrupted?

These are the logs he wrote for posterity. Written in his voice and not meant for the general public to read.

Open these pages at your own discretion, but be warned—once you start, you may never go back to your mundane existence.

Max's Logs Vol 1 The Space Legacy
Max's Logs Vol 1 The Space Legacy

Series: The Space Legacy / Tag: SciFi, Military Science Fiction, Space Adventure, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Action, Nanotechnology, Genetic Modifications

Notice: Max’s Logs is not a direct continuation of the story, but rather a sidestep into the mind of Max, the self-proclaimed AI (even if technically, he is something else).

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Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin