Series: The Space Legacy / Tag: SciFi, Military Science Fiction, Space Adventure, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Action, Nanotechnology, Genetic Modifications

Max’s to-do list is growing exponentially, and its sheer size and scope would push an ordinary human over the edge!

He needs to:

- Upgrade Transporters and finish the City-ship Ascension.

- Build a gargantuan space station in the Main asteroid belt… and then get it back to Earth.

- Help decide on a political and monetary system for the Solarian Union.

- Replace the ISS, which was destroyed during the nuke attack on the Ascension.

- Find a cure for a deadly pandemic-creating virus that was genetically engineered in Russia.

- Deal with crazy, suicidal terrorists and criminals who want him to pay for ‘protection’.

- Activate the Ancient AI-Core retrieved from the depths of the Mariana Trench.

- Hack into the Vatican.

- Improve and expand his collection of digital food and beer emulations (especially the beer).

And don’t forget about the hackers, spies, internet trolls, Atlantis (yes, that Atlantis), lost children on Mars… and much, much more.

To top it all off, an alien monitoring system has noticed his space probes and construction projects in space. Humanity’s ancient enemies are once again knocking on our door, so now he has to deal with hostile aliens too!

Can he find solutions to all these problems, or will his actions bring about the extermination of the human race?

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