What if the darkest myths in human history were actually real, just distorted over time?

Building a new nation is not a simple task, and it’s made even harder with every nation on the planet wanting the Solarian Union’s advanced technology, no matter the cost.

But when terrorists unleash a devastating, genetically engineered plague into the world, that advanced technology is the only thing standing between humanity and the annihilation of our species.

Michael and those following him have done what they set out to do—they have colonized space. But they cannot cut all the ties to their ancestral home, and the sufferings of its peoples. Besides, someone needs to hunt down those who intentionally opened Pandora’s Box and punish them—with prejudice.

The AI they found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench answered some important questions about the makers of the ancient spaceship, but it also revealed a primeval enemy of humanity. All the holy books warned us about it… but we didn’t listen.

Now, from the far reaches of space, something is coming… something intelligent, and deadly, and utterly ruthless.

What dark secret about ancient aliens has the Vatican kept hidden for more than a thousand years? What is the cave inside Olympus Mons on Mars keeping safe? And what do you do when your actions may have put all humanity on the path to extinction?

Series: The Space Legacy / Tag: SciFi, Military Science Fiction, Space Adventure, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Action, Nanotechnology, Genetic Modifications

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Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin