Upcoming Books

This is the page where you will find out what I’m currently working on. (Regularly updated!)

The Space Legacy Series:
  • Book 1: The Spaceship In The Stone (Published on Amazon: Link)

  • Book 1.5: Max's Logs Vol.1 (Published on Amazon: Link)

  • Book 2: Orbital Ascension (Published on Amazon: Link)

  • Book 2.5: Max's Logs Vol.2 (Published on Amazon: Link)

  • Book 3: Ancient Enemies (Published on Amazon: Link)

  • Book 3.5: Max's Logs Vol.3 (Patreon)

  • Book 4: Work in Progress

  • Book 4.5: Work in Progress

Adam Novus Chronicles Series:
  • Book 1: The Death Curse (Patreon)

  • Book 1.5: Tales Of The Hidden 1 (Patreon) - 4 stories uploaded.

  • Book 2: To Rule In Hell (Patreon)

  • Book 2.5: Work in Progress

  • Book 3: Work in Progress

Work In Progress:

The Space Legacy: Currently writing Book 4 in the Space Legacy series, and working on the next Max's Logs (as time permits).

Adam Novus Chronicles: Working on 3 additional stories in Tales Of The Hidden 1, and will continue to work on Book 3 (and a few more short stories), after finishing Book 4 in The Space Legacy series.

Thank you for reading!

Audiobooks Release Dates Update:

Max’s Logs 2July 4th, 2023

Ancient EnemiesOctober 10th, 2023