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What do you do when you find yourself in Hell… the real one?

Adam had been sucked through a wild portal and into a new dimension. Where most humans are nothing more than slaves and all those who can do magic are hunted like animals. But the new, magically rich environment activated some new changes in his body, changes that would make any sane man avoid mirrors at all costs.

Something is wrong with the world if the ‘damsel in distress’ you just saved, knocks you out while swearing like a drunken sailor. On top of it all, the entity that is possessing a part of his mind is growing stronger. Showing him snippets of ancient battles that no human has any business of seeing.

He will do anything to get back to Earth, even if that means killing the armies of demons and conquering the city in hell. Well… if he can find a way to back out of the shotgun wedding, where he is supposed to be the groom. Oh, and he is also now responsible for the wellbeing of a baby Hellhound.

Will all his efforts be enough to get him back home when talking about portals to the wrong people can get you summarily executed, and the last stable one between Earth and Hell was permanently closed thousands of years ago?

Series: Adam Novus Chronicles / Tag: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Magic, Adventure, Vampires, Werewolves, Werecats, Elves, Demons, Supernaturals

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