When your very thoughts can shape the digital reality that surrounds you, can you still stay grounded, or will you go off the deep end?

Max has got a lot of things on his plate, from dealing with a restless volcano to building a huge spaceship in secret. And in his spare time, he must conduct the biggest heist in the history of the world, search for the crime syndicate that is secretly running the planet, deal with a villain that had taken over the White House, save astronauts trapped on the wrecked International Space Station, and destroy an army of terrorists with a bit of orbital bombardment. And that’s just the beginning of his problems.

In the digital realm, he may be the closest thing to a god, but even gods get challenged. What should he do when he comes across a real AI, one secretly made by the government and so powerful it makes the Skynet look puny?

And when an act of betrayal makes launching the spaceship a race against time…

 He will have to pull out all the stops, because if he fails… what use is a victory if it's a Pyrrhic one one?

Series: The Space Legacy / Tag: SciFi, Military Science Fiction, Space Adventure, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Action, Nanotechnology, Genetic Modifications

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Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin

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